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Birthday Parties!

Book Miss Gabby for your next birthday party!  Miss Gabby will bring the music fun to you!  Children and Grown Ups will sing, dance and laugh together.  Parties for 1-6 year olds and **BIG KID parties available as well!*  Miss Gabby can accoomodate a group of any size.  Rates vary on location!  Contact Miss Gabby for more information! :)



Miss Gabby Classes available for 0-7 year olds! 

Music training at a young age is not only wonderful for developing cognitive and motor skills, but it is good for the soul!


GaGa and Grown Ups (0-4 yrs old)

GaGas (2 1/2 - 3 1/2 yrs old)

Mini G-Bops (3 1/2 - 5 yrs old)

G-Bops (K-2nd graders)


Music classes designed by Miss Gabby.  Classes help in developing a child's overall musicianship through singing, playing, moving and listening. The curriculum is based on Miss Gabby original music, traditional children's favorites and current popular radio tunes. The classes are lots of fun!  Contact Miss Gabby to learn more information about sessions happening in your area!

**Miss Gabby now offers House Sessions.  Having a playdate?  Why not have a music class to jazz it up!!**



Concerts, School Events and More!

Book Miss Gabby for a 45 minute interactive show!  MIss Gabby concerts are groovy and entertaining for all ages!  Rates vary on location!  Contact Miss Gabby for more information! :)







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