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 04 Dec 2014 / Andrea Guy, The Certifiable Wenches


Miss Gabby looks like any kid's idea of the perfect babysitter. Care Share Groove is her debut album, and it is bound to delight both kids and parents.


Her songs are are full of energy and fun. They make you feel good and they will educate the little ones in your life, without them even knowing. All ten songs on Care Share Groove were penned by Miss Gabby. The topics of the songs range from animals to manners to eating habits.  The songs are short and catchy; most clock in right around two minutes.


“Let's Sing a Song” opens the album. It is a delightful pop tune for all ages. The lyrics “Let's sing a song that is easy to sing, with a catchy chorus and a melody,” sum up this song perfect. One listen and you'll be singing this one all the time.


“Clean Up” is a song about that thing we all hate doing, cleaning up after ourselves. The style of the song is pure 60s guitar pop. The guitar riffs are playful and the chorus is silly and catchy. The song is so fun that it might even make everyone clean up their own messes.


Miss Gabby has a light, youthful voice that is full of sweetness. It is easy to listen to her sing because she doesn't go all cutesy. Her style is folk pop for kids.


The only time she really ventures into the realm of silly is on “Furry Friends” which feels like a song taken straight from a kids’ TV show. The song is a trip to the zoo, complete with some great sound effects.


Miss Gabby teaches us a thing or two about manners on “Manners.” She makes saying please and thank you, as well as excuse me something that is done with ease and is likely fun.


One of the songs that really stands out is “Grumpy Day.” It is one part pop and one part blues. It pretty much sums up how every child gets, heck, how everyone feels now and then.


Miss Gabby goes calypso on “Down at the Beach” a fun little song that reminds you to put on the sunscreen.


“Love No Matter What, My Friends” is a hippy folk song. This is another song that can step away from the genre of children's music. It’s an acoustic ballad, which reminds us to love and accept each other. The message of this song comes across loud and clear.  This short little tune packs a social punch that everyone should hear, and it does it without coming across as preachy, well not all the time.


Touching and coughing and germs, oh my. That's the topic of “Wash My Hands.” This is probably the only time that Miss Gabby comes across as preachy, though all in the name of good health and hygiene.


“Fruit and Veggies” is a dance-y, silly bit of fun. Most of the lyrics are Miss Gabby singing fruit and veggies, but the arrangement is wild and crazy. It may not make you want to eat your vegetables but it may make you want to sing about them.


Miss Gabby knows her way around a song. She has a playful style that is fun to listen to and though her songs are geared to the younger crowd, she doesn't sing down to her audience. The music is enjoyable and if the kids learn something as a result, that's an added bonus.


Care Share Groove is a great addition to any child's music collection. Miss Gabby mixes music and learning in a way that is fun for all that are listening.

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